Nomaquito Tropical Sleeping bags worldwide!

Nomaquito Tropical Sleeping bags around the world! Yes dear customers from abroad, it is possible not only in the EU! We had first trials to Indonesia, Singapore and India – it is not only possible but much cheaper than expected. Higher transport costs are almost compensated by the deduction of German VAT. In total we can offer in most of the cases similar prices as in Germany. (Except: no sales and no dispatch to North America).

If you are in need of a robust and tested sleeping bag for tropical areas with integrated, impregnated mosquito net (Sandfly LLIN treated with Permethrin according to WHO standards), which will keep you more safe overnight, get in contact. We will provide an individual quote.

More information in English language and our e-mail address:

We got lots of positive feed back from customers who used it in Asia, Australia, on trekking and rainforest tours in South America, on Safari all over Africa … By the way many of our customers are using also our mosquito jacket.

Tour operators and distributors don’t hesitate to ask for our B2B prices.

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