About us

About us - this is the history and development of our company. Information about location and production. As well as the entrepreneur Matthias Kaufmann.

NOMAQUITO was founded in 2010. We are a small family business and are located in Gailingen am Hochrhein. Here the Rhine flows out of Lake Constance and we are almost surrounded by Switzerland!

Our company is divided into 2 divisions:

Travel + Outdoor

At the beginning, we focused on insect protection through LLI mosquito nets (long lasting insecticidal net). This is an impregnation that repels insects and paralyzes them on prolonged contact. Our bestseller of the Tropical sleeping bag was our first product. We completed the range with mosquito jackets, hut sleeping bags, XXL and Kids variants. Currently we are expanding our products for insect protection.

A mosquito net sarong, respectively a mosquito net blanket are about to be launched. In addition, an even lighter tropical sleeping bag concept is being planned.

With all our products, the practical aspect is in the foreground. Therefore Lightweight, but stable. And of course small pack size, but without struggle.

The products are currently sewn in Germany and Hungary. We are very flexible in our manufacturing. We are happy to give discounts to clubs and school classes and can also offer custom-made products. Please contact us, then we can discuss everything.

We deliver to Spain, Italy England, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore and of course Germany. We hope that it continues so well and that we as a small underdog can run with the big dogs for a while.

Of course, we prefer to deliver directly from our Nomaquito store. There you will find not only the best conditions but also remnants and special items at very low prices.

Trekking + Safari

The Nomaquito portal for trekking trips, safaris, guides and hostels is under construction. We want to create a free worldwide network for travelers and suppliers. We already had a test 2 years ago in our store which was very promising. The latest planned launch date of the portal is mid-2020 - we hope it works!

More about us - this is the history and development of our company:


Made in the EC

Matthias Kaufmann


In Gailingen on the High Rhine almost surrounded by Switzerland. On nice days, the Rhine invites you to swim with its current and clear water. At working hours, the view from the office with the Mönch, Eiger and Jungfrau is comforting. Of course, we also know rain and especially fog!


It's not easy, we started with production in Hungary, followed by the Czech Republic, then the hope with the magic thread in Germany, which only lasted 5 months. The Nakon company from Schweinfurt stepped in with a sewing shop in the Czech Republic. Since we cannot manufacture all of our products there cost-effectively, we are currently planning to move to China.


Matthias Kaufmann responsible for Everything but Production. Brief background: MA Sinology, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Foreign Trade, Sales Manager Aluminum for Automotive, since 2010 Game Inventor and Company Founder.