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Lighter on the road was, is and remains our motto:

Nomaquito manufacturer of travel accessories and outdoor products and operator of a platform for trekking and tours.

Outdoor textiles

The tropical sleeping bag was at the beginning. Idea: A small, lightweight sleeping bag with mosquito net. The implementation resulted in a whole range of products:
The tropical sleeping bag in 2 colors in standard and XXL. Following our 2-ply Hut sleeping bags für Kinder, Erwachsene und XXL. Die Moskitojacken and the mosquito sarong / mosquito net blanket (coming soon). In addition, textiles and nets by the meter. All our products are available in the Outlet Shop. There you will always find some bargains and returns on offer: Nomaquito store. There you will also find the Nomaquito Aquaschuhe. These are just greatly reduced due to sellout.

Insect protection

The multifunctional spray: Spray impregnation and insect spray Permethrin solution for textiles and surfaces can also be used as an insect spray in rooms, tents, caravans. 99.82% water + only 0.18% active ingredient yet highly effective. Deterrent and knockdown effects protect against bites and help protect unprotected skin areas. At the same time it has a very good tolerability, as Dermatest has proven.
Brand new: 2 sprays for the skin based on eucalyptus with and without DEET. All our insect sprays are free of aerosols and preservatives.

Travel, guides and Tours

The Nomaquito platform for Touren + Guides tours + guides has started. More and more providers are showing interesting tours and adventures. With Travel + Booking a comparison and booking platform for flights, hotels, trains and everything else that goes with traveling. We want to offer travelers and suppliers a free worldwide network.


Dear retailers, tour operators, travel suppliers:

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