Summer Season – Wasp Season

We know something better: Nomaquito – WASP OFF!!!

Last summer, we Nomaquitos thought about the best way to eat our meals and drinks outside without the company of wasps, while avoiding dead traps, incense and other annoying scents. While adults without allergies or phobias are usually quite relaxed about the activities of these busy animals, things often become less relaxed with children. Inspired by hornets‘ nest imitations of their worst enemies, which probably don’t help much, we came up with the idea of an app: Nomaquito WESP OFF, or WASP OFF in the English version.

How does it work?

The app is very simple and unfortunately not at all! First of all, simplicity: The app exists and plays a short film on the smartphone with hornets and noises that are unpleasant for wasps in continuous mode. We Nomaquitos tested the app personally in the garden and on a bike ride to Vienna last summer. The result: wasps come, but they also leave quite quickly, without the video having to be played excessively loudly. The video didn’t bother us or the neighboring tables. However, we were largely spared from wasps, but the neighbors were not. We also suspect further positive effects on other insects – but we don’t want to promise anything. So far so easy!

And the problem?

But now things got complicated. After we initially created the app for Android devices, when we uploaded it to GooglePlay we realized that Google doesn’t accept apps to ward off insects. At least we managed to create the app for Android and make it available for download in our shop for just €3 with instructions! It wasn’t even possible to create an app for Apple devices because Apple is even more restrictive. Unfortunately, only the video is available to download for Apple devices. The video can then be played in an endless loop using a media player. Of course, the video also runs on old cell phones or tablets, which give them a second life. In this form, a test in troubled bakery shops could certainly make sense. Try it out, both for just €3 in our shop. We trust that customers with positive experiences will only pass on the tip and not the download links – thank you!
Another note in the shop, the download function is still completely new – problems cannot be ruled out, but together we can definitely solve them! No panic! We would also be happy to accept suggestions for improving the situation.

Our thanks:

Many thanks for the basic video to: ©August Wohlkinger,
Additional sounds, arrangements and composition: ©August Wohlkinger, Lars Edenius, Lily Kaufmann, Matthias Kaufmann

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